Custom Tattoo Shop in Panama City Beach, FL

There's Something in the Water in Panama

You've decided you want a tattoo, now what will you get and where? At Gulf Coast Professional Tattoo, we don't like to limit creativity. You'll find that anything goes when you visit our Panama City Beach tattoo shop and talk with our artists. You can even look through our artists' portfolios for design inspiration.

We'll tattoo a design of any size on any body part. We'll also let you choose any colors (color, black and grey). We specialize in the following designs:

• Fine line
• Traditional
• Neo traditional
• Tribal
• Poly-tribal
• Custom drawn

While we don't charge extra for custom drawn tattoos, the time allotted (and cost) for each tattoo will depend on its size and complexity. To schedule your appointment in Panama City Beach, FL, contact us today by calling 850-233-1100 .

5 tattoo mistakes and how to avoid them

Unfortunately, tattoos aren't a no-regrets business. We've seen it all at Gulf Coast Professional. Here are five tattoo mistakes others have made. We're sharing them with you for a don't have to be next.

For a positive tattoo experience, do not:

•Tattoo your other half's name all over your body
•Neglect allergies to pigments and dyes
•Get a tattoo while taking blood thinners
•Choose an embarrassing design for a very visible area
•Misspell any words in your design

If you have questions or concerns, reach out to our artists. We're a premier tattoo shop in Panama City Beach, Florida because we care about our clients. Contact us now to learn more.